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About Us

PlasCap Corporation was founded by Wolfgang Dachtler, a European trained tool and mold maker and engineer in 1980.

Starting in the summer of 2021, PlasCap is owned and managed by Andy Kurtz. His parents founded MILwright in Northern California. As a second generation molder with tons of injection molding experience, he believes that excellent customer service, attention to quality and a friendly environment makes for great relationships. He looks forward to continuing the great relationships that Wolfgang started and creating new possibilities.

PlasCap Corporation was formerly known as DAKO DEVELOPMENT.

In its beginning, PlasCap Corporation primarily designed and built custom injection molds.

In 1982, PlasCap Corporation started to build its own molds for screw-on bottle caps. The company started to manufacture its own proprietary bottle caps in sizes ranging from 20MM to 38MM. PlasCap Corporation then offered to line these caps with various liners as described on the Product Sheet. The injection molds are of proprietary design developed by PlasCap. The bottle caps are manufactured from FDA approved material so that they can be utilized for food, cosmetic, and/or industrial applications. The company also has a tool room on its premises. A summary of the company's machinery and molds can be furnished upon request.

The business is primarily automated with one shift of three employees running 11 hours daily, five days a week.

The Company has a stable customer base which includes distributors and end-users throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico and has been doing business with a majority of its customers since formation of the company.

The following industries are being served by PlasCap: food, cosmetic and chemical.

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